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Complete an online application for one of the BHMUN roles

The following applications must be made by the given deadline:

Application Deadline
Tuesday 15th September, 2020

*All Board Member applications and screencasts will be taken into consideration. The Academic Team will make the final decision as to the position of the applicant: President Chair, Deputy Chair or Rapporteur.
**Please note that ICJ Advocates apply as a pair. The application form requires two Advocates to apply together at the same time as one application.
***All Delegation applications must be filled out by the MUN Club Advisor (high school teacher). Delegations consist of one delegate for each of the following committees: GA1, GA2, GA3, GA4, HOSC and IAC. If you wish to apply for more than 6 delegates, you must state how many delegations (multiples of 6) are required on the application form.

Submission of documents

The following documents must be submitted 3 days after receipt of receiving an email from our Head of CPI. Every participant must:

Payment of fees

     Payments are to be made by Board Members, Delegations, Press Members and Admin Team Members. Head of CPI will send an email with payment information once a full application has been made. This includes submitting an online application, the High School Acceptance Form (Advisors only), and a one minute screencast to be submitted by Board Member, ICJ Presidency, ICJ Advocates, ICJ Judge, UNSC Member State or Press Member applications.

Tuesday 22nd September, 2020

     If a payment has not been made by Tuesday 22nd September, 2020 then the application will be cancelled and will not be considered when assigning positions or countries.

     Please click the box below to make an application:

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