Dear Innovators,
     The BHMUN conference is considered free, however a payment is collected to cover the costs of an information pack - the BHMUN folder - as well as covering costs for food, beverages and the social event. The BHMUN folder consists of a brochure, badge, notepad and pen to be used throughout the conference. Food and beverages will also be provided during the coffee and lunch breaks. One free non-alcoholic drink is included in the social event.
     The following payments are applicable;

Participant Payment Fee Late Payment Fee
Advisor free
Under-Secretary General free
Board Member 320₺ 400₺
Individual delegate 320₺ 400₺
Press member 320₺ 400₺
Admin Team Member 150₺

Please note that any applicant who has not made a payment will not be able to attend the conference. This applies to any applicant who has completed their application. We will be giving more information about the payment procedure via email once your application is approved.

Dear applicants, please note that refunds are not possible once you have paid the conference fee.
Once a payment has been made, participants are placed according to their role.
Any participant who does not attend the conference after making the payment cannot request a refund.
Thank you.

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