Committees & Agenda Items

- 2nd GA Committee -

2nd GA Committee: Economic and Financial Committee (ECOFIN)

Agenda items:
     1. Prevention of Money Laundering
     2. Encouraging Economic Growth Through Global Partnerships
Year: 1993
USG: Atakan Şerifoğlu
Study Guide: Coming Soon
     The second committee of the UN General Assembly, ECOFIN, has the goal of solving economic problems worldwide. For this committee, the delegates will be meeting in the year 1993.
     It has been two years since the USSR fell after the 46-year-lasting Cold War. In the Cold War, the Soviets and the Americans have challenged each other in several spheres, the most outstanding one being the economic sphere. After the collapse of the USSR, it has become evident that the capitalist financial system has beaten the socialist system. Through the massive event of the fall of the USSR, the world understood that regardless of how economically powerful a nation is, it may not last forever. Therefore, to ensure that no other nation collapses the way the USSR did, the UN member states need to cooperate economically and collaborate. In the committee of ECOFIN, delegates have to address universal economic problems and decide further upon how to cooperate in future world crises. It is important to bear in mind that the world would prefer an economically stable world, unlike it was in the Cold War. But the policies of the newly formed nations of the post-socialist bloc are not certain: Are they going to permit the formation of an unpolarized economic system with one hegemon, the USA, or will they prefer to challenge other nations further?
     Now, it is up to the delegates to decide upon what they are going to do, follow the path of history, or draw a path of their own. The delegates' performance will shape the flow of the committee, and the BHMUN'20 Team will shape their crises in accordance with the flow.
Country list:
     1. United States of America (USA)
     2. Russian Federation
     3. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK)
     4. French Republic
     5. People's Republic of China (PRC)
     6. Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
     7. Republic of Turkey
     8. Federal Republic of Germany
     9. Republic of Poland
     10. Italian Republic
     11. Japan
     12. Ukraine
     13. State of Israel
     14. Czechoslovakia
     15. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
     16. Republic of India
     17. Islamic Republic of Pakistan
     18. Republic of Belarus
     19. Kingdom of Spain
     20. Federative Republic of Brazil
     21. United Mexican States
     22. Islamic Republic of Iran
     23. Islamic Republic of Afghanistan