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25 - 28 October 2019

Theme: 2000 - 2009


Invitation Letter

      On behalf of the Organisation and Academic Teams at İhsan Doğramacı Foundation Özel Bilkent High School, we proudly welcome you all to the 5th annual session of Bilkent Historical Model United Nations Conference held in Ankara, Turkey.

25th to 28th October, 2019

      Since our first session in 2014, each year we have been doing our best to establish a platform where young innovators can have the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas, while educating themselves on world affairs and learning to approach worldwide issues from different perspectives. The variety of General Assembly and Special Committees allows for delegates to discuss different world problems from the viewpoints required by their roles.
      With the help of our devoted Organisation Team and Advisors, we have organised BHMUN 2019 according to UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goals. In each committee, and in each aspect of the conference, you will see traces of these development goals.
      BHMUN is the first and only entirely historical Model UN conference in Turkey. Helping delegates verge upon historical issues from modern perspectives is exclusive to our conference, hence, we believe that BHMUN is a truly unique experience. This year, our conference is set from 2000 - 2009. On behalf of the Academic and Organisation Teams, we give great value to morals, and although set in the past, BHMUN 2019 discusses some very contemporary issues that might be considered timeless.
      With all being said, we invite you to join us in BHMUN 2019 for a wonderful experience.

Defne Alar                                          Irmak Bayır
Secretary - General                              Director - General


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